Woodland Telegraph’s From the Fields

CoverimageItunes Join Woodland Telegraph on a ten-song journey into the prairies and farmland on From the Fields, an album of anthemic Canadian roots music

From the Fields is the second release in Woodland Telegraph’s Canadian Landscape Trilogy. Written and recorded in Southern Alberta, songwriter Matthew Lovegrove wanted to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the prairies while exploring the stories of the people who call it home. From the harsh realities of prairie living to the awe of watching a harvest moon rising over the horizon, these songs are held together by a love of place and a passion to map out the landscape of our country.

Crafting songs from personal anecdotes, newspaper clippings and historical books, the lyrics tell of the hardship and beauty of the plains, backed by a musical landscape rich in vocal harmony and diverse instrumentation. In Little Seed Rising we meet Saskatchewan farmers sued by a multi-national corporation, their message of hope resounding with choral vocals and driving train-track banjos. In the lush instrumentation of Niagara Escarpment, Ontario’s farmland winter nights are described with a dream-like ambience. The history of Lethbridge, AB iconcic CP rail bridge is also explored in Oldman River Bridge, one of the album’s highlights.

Penguin Eggs magazine lauded the album’s “sparkling, energetic and breathtaking acoustic arrangements” while the Toronto Star ranked the album  #4. on the Anti-Hit List.  From the Fields charted highly on  !Earshot charts and received significant airplay on regional and national CBC stations. Northern Folklore is proud to present the continuation of Woodland Telegraph’s Canadian Landscape Trilogy, packaged in hand-sewn cardboard cases with an origami insert depicting the moments of From the Fields. As always, with love…


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