Woodland Telegraph From the Fields reviews

Some great reviews have been rolling in for Woodland Telegraph’s From the Fields. Big thanks to all of the people who have written kind words about the 2nd release In Woodland Telegraph’s Canadian Landscape Trilogy.


“Remember Sufjan Stevens’ fanciful plan to write an album for each of the 50 U.S. states? This Alberta band’s “Canadian Landscape Trilogy” could be our characteristically modest equivalent. The first, Sings Revival Hymns, was devoted to the mountains. The just-released second entry concerns itself largely with farms and prairies, though those settings extend beyond geography into metaphor.”

A labour of love for Matthew Lovegrove and friends, From the Fields is the second volume of the Canadian Landscape trilogy, following 2009s beautiful, mountain-inspired Sings Revival Hymns. That album topped year-end lists as well as CBC Galaxies’ folk/roots annual chart, ahead of folks named Cockburn and Tyson. Using the western prairies as a backdrop, Lovegrove and his cohort have crafted a brilliant tribute to those who have forged a life within a harsh landscape, and give fair measure to the land itself. Most of the instrumentation is of an acoustic and gentle-electric nature with banjo, guitar, and strings conveying the melodies. When “Move to Town” fades, the journey concludes as naturally as it began.”

“Sparkling, energetic, and sometimes breath-taking acoustic arrangements underpin Matthew Lovegrove’s paens to the pleasure of rural living”

“Delicate and sung with genuine amazement- These melodies live in cabins and farmhouses, deeply breath the winter air, and share a spirit of community. These songs are Canada, seen in her finest light”

“Woodland Telegraph’s togetherness is undeniable¬† […] This is definitely worth a listen!”